I’m Eliza, Empowerment Photographer aka Your Sexy BFF.

Firm Believer in Women empowering women

You are sexy. You are worthy. You are Fine Art. It took me a long time to realize this for myself. You deserve to feel like the badass bitch you are. That is why I am here to provide the most empowering, sensual, liberating, and SAFE experience of your life. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can gift yourself. You will never regret it.


Fact 1

I was born and raised in Austin, so I am one of those elusive unicorns who got to experience Austin before it grew into a big city.


Fact 2

Photography has always been my passion; my hobby. It's my favorite thing to do. However, my other favorite hobby is Pole Fitness or Pole Dance and Twerk. I would love to start learning more Aerial Arts like Lyra, Flying Pole, and Silks. "Sexy" is a state of mind, y'all.


Fact 3

I'm a mom of 2.

Mamas.... we are are still Hot AF. Don't you forget that. We are hotter, more experienced, and more capable than our younger selves.


Fact 4

I always dreamt of “shooting” my “shot” and “developing” a photography business. All puns intended. Now, I make my money by “flashing” and “exposing” in public… while also making time to twerk in handstands and pole dance in my off time. I needed a way to incorporate “booty” into my everyday life, so I opened a boudoir business. So...you know my “boudie” game is on point …. And that... that is something we can all get “behind."

tldr; Dad-jokes are my primary character flaw.


Thanks for making me feel sexy in my skin and like I’m deserving of fun photoshoots. You’re such a wonderful human being to work with!

Megan Breanna